Born on June 23, 1985 RIO aka (Demaurio Preyear) came into this world. As a little boy at the age of two, he was always either banging on walls, pots, or pans. By the age of three his parents bought him his first musical instrument, witch was a 12 key all white Casio keyboard. Eventually he ended up taking it apart. As years went by at the young age of six young RIO attended his first concert with his father. Kool Moe Dee was his favorite rapper at the time with a hit single called wild wild west, witch was his favorite song. As time passed by RIO started watching Yo MTV Rap on Saturday mornings, that’s around the time he fell in love with music. He started writing rhymes around the age of 11, when an older cousin by the name of Demetrius aka Swisha Meat currently now known as Track Meat introduced him to beat making. Rio took his new found hobby to the extreme, trying to make beats off of a Yama ha 350 wasn’t good enough. He then linked up with a group called GCP out of Gautier Mississippi were he linked up with Senca Garry and Thomas Hardy. He made beats for the group for 3 years then as time went on he started selling his tracks to local artist. At the age of 17 RIO became a all around well known Drummer, then taught himself how to play the piano, that led him to become a wonderful church musician . RIO and Thomas lost contact Hurricane Katrina for about a year but some how linked back up. At this time RIO had emerged into a pretty nice solo artist, making his on tracks, and writing his own music. As the years went by his flow got even more crazy, he took things to the next level with alot of unreleased music! Alot of people were sleeping on him. Thomas Hardy called him up one day and said ( RIO it’s time) The two then teamed up to start there own label F.M.E Flawless Music Entertainment, it crashed they went back to the drawing bored with Seneca and Tremethius and the four came up with the name Loyal To The Music! With only two artist on the roster Rio will be the first to release his mix tape Notebook. So I introduce to some and reintroduce to others RIO!!!


The 36-year old Udofia achieved local notoriety for his towering murals of Duke
Ellington, Fredrick Douglass and George Washington as well as his solo and group
live paintings at Washington events sponsored by the likes of Red Bull, Heineken,
Honda, Current TV, Timberland and Adidas. He garnered national attention with his
caricatures and photorealistic illustrations for urban publications XXL, Vibe,
Rime, Elemental, DC Pulse, Frank 151 and The Source. He further entrenched
himself within the visual vernacular of the hip-hop landscape with designs for
urban athletic wear companies And 1 and the D.C.-based Native Tongue.



ELITE – The best of anything considered collectively as of a group or class Comprised of Bronxites J.Elz and Si Fitz, Thee Elite Productions is poised to become a major player in the music production industry. Weather it be Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B or Techno ‘Thee Elite’ is a jack of all trades. When listening to a ‘Thee Elite’ produced track, listeners become immersed in a blistering combination of heavy bass lines and amazing drum patterns. Bronx representatives Clap Cognac, Friday, Bless Child and Fresh Jacobs along with underground king St. Laz and Grind Season artist Baby Boi Nate are all too familiar with their talents …..creating hit after hit with the team. Pushing the mundane music production envelope to it’s full limit ‘Thee Elite Productions’ are looking to become everything their name represents and more.


“I wanna bring that vibe
of what made me want to be an artist. I want them to feel that
vibration, to make them say… ‘Oh yeah, Watusi… he hit me.’
Just like KRS-One hit me, just like Digital Underground hit me.”

Watusi grew up outside of the Washington D.C. area, but
he spent much of his time visiting the inner city. He comes
from a very musical family that helped him develop an
eclectic ear. “I came up listening to a lot of different kinds
of music, it wasn’t just hip-hop… a lot of Afrobeat. I grew
up listening to Reggae, a lot of R&B, definitely Rock-n-Roll,
Alternative Music, a lot of Funk/Soul, and Jazz especially…
It’s the nation’s capital, so there’s definitely a lot of culture.”

When Watusi was 18, he came across the ‘All Eyes on Egypt’
bookstore in D.C. He began to research the literature of Dr.
Malachi Kobina York, a well-known author, master teacher,
guide and activist. He soon discovered the artists he’d found
inspiration in, were also inspired by Dr. York’s writings.

In 1999 when he was 19, he visited the theme park that Dr.
York and his community constructed, ‘Tama Re, Egypt of the
West.’ This is where Watusi met Dr. York personally. “It was
something that was very uplifting… From him, I saw different
aspects of me, other than just an African-American. So, I
definitely believe that he is someone that has that peace to the
puzzle of making everything back to the way it was. He brought
so many people together from all around the world. It wasn’t
on some religious type of aspect. It wasn’t with fanaticism…
The world needs a person like that. African men especially
black men in America, we especially need positive influences…
I think there are a lot of things on the earth that can be done
away with. If we had more of the influence of our elders, who
want the best for us, we would be a lot better. The elders know
what’s going on before it even happens to you. Their feet have
been in those shoes before, you know what I mean?” Watusi
accredits much of who he is today to the spiritual work he was
able to accomplish through the teachings he’s studied.

He entered the Hip-Hop scene in the early nineties, known as
‘The Golden Era’ in the Hip-Hop cultural movement. This was
a pivotal time for anyone who understood the culture born from
this atmosphere needed to germinate. He holds the origins and
truths about how Hip-Hop is; and how it came to be, as a top
priority to what he put into his music. “I wanna bring that vibe
of what made me want to be an artist. I want them to feel that
vibration, to make them say… ‘Oh yeah, Watusi… he hit me.’
Just like KRS-One hit me, just like Digital Underground hit me.
They all did it in different ways. That’s the one thing I can say
about my influence from that era, and I was very thankful of it. I
learned from all them in certain aspects of it.” Watusi explains.

Most recently, Watusi has found performing to be the most
exhilarating aspect of the creative process. He explains, “People
are starting to get it now. People are more receptive. Ten years
ago, I was all about writing because I was developing. People
hear songs now, and think they’re current. When they’re really
from like five years ago.” His music tends to touch on topics that
you wouldn’t find in the most obvious places. He’s taken a lot of
time observing the world around him, studying information in it,
and applying his thoughts and theories to the manifestation. “I’m
not crazy for askin’ questions. There’s no such thing as a stupid
question. People see artists on TV and they don’t think they are a
real person like they are. They are. I’m an expressionist. I use my
music to touch. I use my music as something for the youth to get
through certain things. I want to use my music to form unity and
togetherness, like how it did when I was getting into Hip-Hop.”

He continues to pay all of his respects to those who inspire
his creativity in his life. His daughter, his parents, his friends,
his family, the All Eyes on Egypt bookstore and the employees
who keep it moving, and Dr. Malachi Kobina York. If you’re
interested in learning more about Watusi, with The Cult Leaders,
make sure to look for him on


GrindSeason/ Fat Beats/ E1 Music Groups recording artist “Friday” teams up with Thee Elite Producer/Rapper “Fitz” to bring you their first installment of their W.A.C BOYZ Collaboration. Special appearances by DJ Zeke, DJ Solo, DJ Fah D, Cortez, & Many More…


The Bronx’s finest killer punk band. This trio delivers a raw and visceral experience as they take you beneath the surface and into the murky depths of punk rock, all three accomplished musicians provide energy and life time experience making for a new and exciting sound, so enjoy and get to know The Scales.


to redo or rework; something one does when it is necessary to make alterations.

In the tradition of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, confronting the world with his
words and guitar. The Dubber, the self-taught singer/songwriter infuses America’s Rock,
Jazz and Funk, along with some Reggae, Middle Eastern & Afro Beat flavoring to express his
blues and complete his distinctive sound…which he officially dubbed New World Music!!!


The artist Christos, born Christopher Vrenios, takes his name from his Greek heritage using a nickname given to him by his grandmother. He was raised by parents who sang opera and taught voice professionally. His music career began in 1990 with recordings done in Kingston, Jamaica with legendary artists Sly and Robbie as well as the Firehouse Crew. He was later recruited by pioneer reggae artists out of Kingston such as The Itals and Don Carlos, of Black Uhuru. Several years were spent on tour as a guitarist and backup vocalist performing every state in the United States on a regular basis as well as playing in Puerto Rico and Ghana. During this time, he wrote, produced and recorded the album entitled Offering, which featured various artists from Jamaica singing over his tracks as well as his solo debut. The album included artists such as the Meditations, the Mighty Diamonds, Sugar Minott, and Don Carlos, as well as Keith Porter of the Itals. The majority of the album was recorded in Kingston with Augustus Pablo and other well known session players from Jamaica. He then went on to do session work of his own, playing guitar, bass, and even co-writing for the world famous Thievery Corporation, as well as other groups. Christos is currently promoting a solo album entitled “Time to Rise” as well as producing for other artists under his company, Honest Music Inc..


Koondalini the super group was founded on the mystrey of the Cadusis, which brings to light the serpentine path in which energy flows along the spine awakening the wings of fallen angels, through harmonizing the mind!!

Koondalini consist of three talented emcee’s and one producer whose raw uncut and unsolicited styles mark them as 4 very distinct individuals (Infinite, Snakefoot, Blackheart And Koinz Kalliba) who collaborate to define Hip-Hop in its purest form.. Koondalini is the supreme Energy Trance. A state of consiousness manifested through harmonic vibrations generated in the root and realized in the Crown, where climax is born… Rise and Shine it’s the journey of the chill in your spine!!!!